OT & PT Contracting across Alberta

LifemaxOT brings together organizations with vetted experienced professionals to provide high-value essential services to communities in need.

If you are an OT or PT looking to serve rural communities, we would love to connect with you.

Rural health sites in Alberta face devastating gaps in essential services when they are unable to hire a quality therapist. LifemaxOT works hard to close these gaps by helping rural communities access skilled occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

Our Process

Initial Call

If you are an OT or PT in Edmonton looking for career advancements, we want to connect directly with you to understand your needs and goals.


To connect rural communities with the right therapist, LifemaxOT will assess applicants and provide support for you to meet the eligibility requirements. See FAQ for eligibility criteria.

Job Placement

LifemaxOT will leverage its extensive network to connect you with the right opportunity that matches your lifestyle and career goals.

Why contract with LifemaxOT?

lifemaxot.com Why take OT / PT Contracting with Lifemax

Lucrative Pay

Tired of public or private jobs where the pay doesn’t reflect the rising cost of living? Partner with LifemaxOT to achieve increased and compounded remuneration benefits to meet your financial goals faster. Ask us how!

Get Paid to Travel

Experience the wonders of rural Alberta and get paid to do it! LifemaxOT provides opportunities to travel in rural communities across Alberta while paying for your travel time and expenses.

Build New Skills

Don’t limit yourself with your current skill sets. With LifemaxOT’s contracting positions, you can gain a variety of skills that can help you take your career to the next level.

Start Your Own Business

Be your own boss! Contracting with LifemaxOT means turning your career into your business and having the flexibility, freedom and lifestyle you want.


Regain the passion for showing up to work again! Bring excellence and be valued for your place on the team. Serve truly needful clients and feel the legendary hospitality and gratitude of rural Alberta.

Career Opportunities

Occupational Therapist Contractor

Physiotherapist Contractor

Featured Partners

LifemaxOT works with various organizations across Alberta.

OT & PT Contracting

Frequently Asked Questions

Many rural sites have difficulty hiring quality OTs and PTs. Small rehab teams become devastated and over-stretched when an essential position remains un-filled. Clients go unserved. Caseloads and wait lists soon become unacceptable and care standards are unmet.

We offer a solution. By providing fair remuneration for the therapist and high value for the rural sites, a perfect win-win relationship is formed!

Many schedules, lifestyles, family situations, and degrees of availability can be accommodated.

Because the rural sites usually require travel from an urban center, we are committed to provide a block of clinical time in order to achieve our high-value standard. Ideally an 8-hour clinical day can be offered to the sites. Often multiple days per week are requested by the site, so we tailor the contracts and schedules to provide the most value for the site and most convenient schedule for the therapist.

When you work for us, we make it work for you!

In most cases, YES! Each contract is negotiated individually but we do our utmost to find a fair balance of value and fairness of compensation.

We negotiate competitive remuneration for your travel time AND mileage. It’s often mutually beneficial to stay overnight rather than to travel back to an urban center, so accommodation expenses can be reimbursed.

Lifemax OT currently focuses on serving North Zone and Central Zone of AHS but we are available Alberta-wide. We hold contracts with Covenant Health and Extendicare and other independent residential care communities. We are constantly seeking out new contracts and educating site managers of the availability of our services. If you know of a site that requires OT or PT, we are eager to establish new relationships and serve new communities.

Most contracts require mostly on-site clinical time. In some cases there are remote working opportunities such as documentation, administrative clinical follow-ups or virtual assessments, but these are most often at the discretion of the site manager and negotiated after the working relationship is well established. We work hard to facilitate a mutually agreeable arrangement that meets everyones’ needs.

Pay ranges from $45 to $65 per hour PLUS travel time and mileage. Each contract with the therapist is negotiated individually. We compensate well for proven experience, essential skill sets, increased availability, reliability, and other factors.

Contracting offers particular opportunities to compound higher rates of pay, increased hours per day, fewer deductions, and lower tax rates. The result is compounded advantages for vastly increased after-tax take home pay.

There are options for both independent contractor arrangements as well as traditional employment opportunities with Lifemax OT. Call us to learn which partnership is the best fit for you.

a) Must be fully licensed to practice in Alberta without supervision.

b) Willing and able to travel to the site(s) to meet the contracted hours of service.

c) If an independent contractor, services must be provided under an incorporated Alberta business license.

d) Most sites require that the contractor is not also employed elsewhere by the same company (e.g. an AHS employee in Edmonton can not be a contractor at an AHS rural site).

e) Meet specific contracted requirements such as a Criminal Record Check, vaccinations, infection control procedures, Confidentiality agreements, insurance, adherence to site policy, etc.

  • Since 2009 we have provided services to more than 30 Alberta communities!
  • As of 2022, we are currently serving in more than a dozen communities, including all service streams (Acute care, Homecare, LTC, outpatients, Supportive Living). And we’re growing!
  • Lifemax OT has worked with contractors of every demographic, from semi-retired to new grads; from experienced specialists to those looking to expand their horizons; from new moms coming off mat leave to empty nesters. We will work with you so that it fits perfectly with your desired career path and home situation. It’s not “one size fits all”, it’s a bespoke career suited to you!

Looking for contracting opportunities with great perks?

That’s what LifemaxOT is here for. Contact us today for a consultation. We want to learn about your career aspirations, answer your questions, and work with you to help you to

“Make The Most Of Your Life.”