About Lifemax Occupational Therapy Inc.

LifemaxOT is an Edmonton-based occupational therapy service provider. Our focus is to connect professional experienced occupational therapists or physiotherapists to underserved rural communities outside of Edmonton.

We believe every Albertan deserves excellent occupational therapy and physiotherapy services. We recognize that rural health sites face devastating gaps in service when they are unable to hire a quality therapist. No one should lack access to rehabilitation services due to hiring limitations.

That’s why LifemaxOT works with various organizations across Alberta, leveraging our extensive network of vetted, experienced professionals to provide high-value essential services to communities in need.

lifemaxot.com about the owner Paul Huget

Meet Your Occupational Therapist

Paul Huget

Paul is the owner of Lifemax Occupational Therapy Inc. He has been a fully licensed and insured Occupational Therapist since 2002. Paul has held several positions with various organizations in his career including an OT Professional Practice Lead Position with Covenant Health.

With his extensive experience and wealth of knowledge, he realized that most rural sites that are most in need of occupational therapy and physiotherapy services have difficulty hiring quality OTs and PTs. Paul started Lifemax Occupational Therapy Inc. in 2009 to address this issue and fill the gap in small devastated rehab teams across Alberta.

Our motto is to help you make the most of your life.

Our Core Values


At LifemaxOT, excellence is a top priority and we pride ourselves in the quality of services that we provide.


LifemaxOT strives for reliability as the essential ingredient for a reputable and trusted organization.


LifemaxOT is strongly committed to its partners because they are the key to our success.

Featured Partners

LifemaxOT works with various organizations across Alberta.

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