Take control of your ability to Age In Place!

Aging is inevitable but leaving your home doesn’t have to be. With LifemaxOT’s expert assessment and recommendations we help you prepare for aging in place, exactly where you’re comfortable.

We believe every Albertan deserves to have the resources they need to age in place. Through LifemaxOT's in-home assessment, we provide you with a personalized action plan to help you make an informed decision, increasing your independence, safety and quality of life.

Our Process

Initial Call

We will conduct a free 30-minute initial consultation to understand your needs and goals.


An OT conducts a 3+ hour in-home assessment that covers several aspects of your life including your health, lifestyle and living conditions.

Audit Report

We provide a complete report of your current ability to age in place and make expert recommendations that require attention so you can take full control and meet your goals.

Why get an Aging In Place Audit from LifemaxOT?

lifemaxot.com Service Why Choose Aging in Place Audit

Increase Your Safety

Discover which areas of your home require modifications for your current capabilities, strengths and budget to maintain a safe environment as you age in place.

Improve Your Quality of Life

LifemaxOT’s report will provide you with tailored recommendations on all things to improve your quality of life – care needs, resources, accessibility and more!

Expert Opinion

Our occupational therapists have specialized training coupled with decades of experience to provide you with personalized recommendations.

Personalized short-term and long-term plans

Whether you require short-term or long-term requirements, LifemaxOT’s plans are YOU-focused and customized to your budgets, needs and goals.

Aging in Place Audits

Frequently Asked Questions

Aging In Place is so much more than just digging in your heels and refusing to move when you get older. Aging In Place is certainly not living at risk!

“Aging in place means having the health and social supports and services you need to live safely and independently in your home or your community for as long as you wish and are able.”

Check out this website from the government of Canada for general information on aging in place. Click Here

It is a total assessment of your ability to continue living in your current residence. It’s like a comprehensive home inspection you’d get when you’re thinking of buying a house, but instead, we assess YOU, your GOALS, AND your HOME.

You will receive expert recommendations to meet YOUR goals for living as safely and independently as possible.

Your Aging In Place Audit will give you an action plan to live your life the way you want. You will get a report of recommended changes, resources, and actions you can take to meet your goals. You will get a realistic, YOU-focused list of risks you may need to watch out for to remain safe and independent.

An occupational therapist (OT) will come to your home and assess YOUR goals and YOUR individual circumstances. We focus on YOU and give YOU the power and choices to live your life how you want to.
Your Occupational Therapist will assess:

  • YOU: your body’s ability to function, your health status and risks, aging processes, anticipated changes that could prevent you from staying at home.

  • YOUR GOALS: What are your goals for staying safe in your home? what are your challenges? How can you overcome or avoid those challenges? What are the challenges other people in your situation have faced? What is needed to successfully age in place? What do YOU need to be able to do to be safe at home?

  • YOUR HOME: A room-by-room assessment of how your home will affect your ability to age in place. What safety equipment is recommended? What modifications will improve your ability to remain in your home? What repairs are urgent, and what can wait?

    But not just your home! Your community and social supports are extremely important too. We will also assess and make recommendations for community resources, health support, transportation, family involvement, and much more.
  • 3+ hours of direct Occupational Therapist in-home assessment.
  • At-A-Glance “Report Card” of your current ability to age in place. What are your strengths? Are there any red flags that must be dealt with right away? What can wait?
  • Recommendations so you can improve, and meet your goals.
  • Consultation/liaison with: Physician, Family (local or long distance), Construction Contractors, Home Care, and Community resources.
  • Immediate, short-term, and long-term planning options depending on your budget and goals.
  • Modifications, Care Needs, Quality of Life Improvements, Red Flags, Community Resource Referrals, and a “FORECAST” (in years) of ability to age in place!*

*”Forecast” is not a guarantee and is for general planning purposes only

The “Proactive” type:

Even people in their 40’s can benefit from an Aging In Place Audit. Are you looking to downsize or upsize and want to factor how your aging will affect your ability to enjoy your “forever home”? Do you want to make sure older loved ones or people with disabilities can visit you in your home? Do you want to prepare your home for maximum resale value in the ever-growing accessible housing market? Take steps now to be in the best position possible as you or your loved ones get older.


The “I’m getting old but I’m fine” type:

Of course, it’s possible to age gracefully! 80 is the new 60! But why not plan for what may lie ahead and get yourself and your home ready now so you can stay comfortable, safe, and independent for the rest of your years? Take advantage of your success and reward yourself with a greater chance to enjoy your home as long as you choose to stay.


The “I’m already having problems” type:

Aging often brings on health conditions such as arthritis, heart conditions, weakness or deconditioning, dementia or other memory problems, and falling. Sometimes there’s a family history of these issues that we want to be prepared for. Early signs and struggles don’t have to be endured when there are often solutions that can be put into place. Why put up with an issue when a little planning and foresight can help you age in place now and in the future, despite any issues that may arise.


The “Complex” type:

Many seniors and other people live with complex health issues or disabilities. But that doesn’t mean they need to move out of their chosen home! Issues such as Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, amputations, wheelchair users, Fall risk, dementia, stroke, all affect one’s future ability to remain in their home. Our current health system can only help so much. Often a thorough assessment and expert opinion is needed to help you meet your goals to live your best life where you choose.


The “I want a second opinion” type:

Our health system and our families want the best for us. But the public health system has limitations, and our families can’t always provide the help we want or need. Many people end up moving into a care home or other facility when there could be better options available to age in place. Let us help you navigate all the options available and give you every chance possible to be safe and independent in your chosen residence.


The “They’ll have to carry me out of here in a box” type:

Some people choose to live at risk. Sometimes the risks are preventable, sometimes they’re not, but the choice is always yours. A lot can be done to keep someone who is living at risk safer, more independent, and happier living where they want to be. A person-centred, non-judgemental assessment of what changes are advised, feasible, and acceptable to the client can make a big difference for the client, families, and other stakeholders.

Yes! But Lifemax OT believes in client-centered care. The person being assessed is our client, and it is that person’s goals that will be the focus. We will provide an objective assessment and give our expert opinion based on the wants and needs of the client, and we will only work with the client’s consent.

The choice is always yours. Some things can’t be changed such as a permanent health condition. Many options depend on whether there is a budget available to get the required resources in place. Many other options depend on your readiness to make improvements to your lifestyle such as exercise and socialization or to make simple changes to your environment or accept help. But by looking at the whole picture of your health, your goals, and your environment, everyone can increase their quality of life and ability to be at home safer and longer. Let us help you achieve your goals for aging in place.

You determine your budget and what options are right for you. It’s important to consider the alternatives such as the costs and benefits of moving into a care home.

No. But we give you all the information you need to take control.

Along with your comprehensive assessment results you will get a personalized plan with a roadmap to stay safe and independent in your home for as long as your circumstances reasonably allow. You can feel confident that your plan is tailored to your health, budget, home environment, personal situation, and – most importantly – your goals and wishes! Your Aging In Place plan will give you the power to

“Make The Most Of Your Life.”

Yes. Although your report will give you the roadmap and all the information you require, we can provide occupational therapists and support staff to help you take control to ensure your Aging In Place action plan becomes a reality!

  • Basic Individual: $799
  • Basic Couple: $1199

Additional pricing may apply for complex cases. Call for your free 30-minute consultation and to receive a quote.

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